• How is Bull Interiors Different from other players in the market

    There are several factors that differentiate us from competitor offerings. Some of them are:
    • Affordable online solution
    • Fast Execution
    • Multiple vendor
    • Customisation is our key

  • Is there a minimum or maximum area that you cater to?

    We’re open to designing and execute spaces as small as100 sq ft up to 2000 sqft for interior spaces & 5000 sqft for architecture spaces. For larger areas, you need to submit your requirements and details and we will get in touch with you

  • What’s the payment process?

    You can pay online as part of the registration process. You just need to select the product and make the payment. Be assured our payment gateway are secured.

  • What details do I need to send you?

    You need to send us the following:Dimensions/detailed measurements, site photographs, and any preferences or particulars we need to consider while designing your space.

  • What kind of architectural service will be given by Bull Interiors ?

    Bull Interiors provides designs along with technical drawings & three-dimensional images. Execution will be handled by Us after the finalisation of design.



    “We need your Ideas/consultation where and what is coming”

    When a project just needs a consultation without a price and if there is no scope for us to indulge in developing interiors, we would recommend the private contractors to help you.


    “We just need a fair sketch of the work for review”

    To let you all know that we are professionals and we don’t deal with providing sketches for review.


    “If you finish this project with less price, we would recommend you to other clients as well”

    Thanks for the statement. But we loved to work on limited customers with a nice shape. So we are not craving to have more projects running at the same time.


    “Let’s get the design right first! I will only pay if I like it “

    We shall not work without an advance fee. Since the time is crucial for the clients who believe us and we deliver our best.


    “When a customer argues with us to make the price lesser as they have heard other vendors who provide price lesser than this”

    We are strong in our expertise. So it’s your decision to make a move with us or with them.


    “When a client misunderstands the concept of designs over other consultants,

    We would generally suggest our area of expertise and the work done by us.”
    ​It’s Better To Avoid These Statements !


    When we find that the benefits of an interior designer are far less than what has been planned, we will connect you with specific contractors who can deliver best services for you.

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