Yes ! We Can give that expensive look without the expense.

  1. – Yes ! you can build practical spaces using scraps wisely.
  2. – All designs are meant to serve mankind in particular and our mother Earth in general.
  3. – We live in a disposable society.Its easier to throw things out than to fix them.
  4. – We even give it a name-we call it Recycling.Which is useless to Useful
  5. – Think before you throw things out.
  6. – Good design is not a luxury,its essential.
  7. – We are into adaptive and reuse concepts,expertised in recycling saved lakhs of rupees by keeping the existing materials and refurbishing it.
  8. At Bull Interiors we have an eye that can give you an expensive look without the expense. So instead of buying that 10,000 DWR mirror, why not save 800, buy an identical one for 200 and spend the difference on an insane chandelier or amazing art.

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